These days, just about every film features special effects. For many small film productions, having visual effects in their movie would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, making the image fit the look of the footage has required expensive tools – until now. ZEISS presented new metadata technology that makes this possible by equipping its new ZEISS CP.3 XD compact lens family with ZEISS eXtended Data.


“ZEISS eXtended Data is the first metadata technology which stores the lens distortion and shading – for every single frame,” explains Christophe Casenave, Product Manager at ZEISS. “Moreover, all /i-Technology metadata are recorded, including the focus distance, aperture value and depth of field, which is supported by most cameras.” This makes the technology ideal for working with visual effects: by using the metadata, it just takes a few clicks to modify the image generated on the computer to fit the lens characteristics, and to then splice it together with the footage to create a realistic image. Distortion and shading can be corrected or even amplified in post-production. Since ZEISS has incorporated the technology into its compact CP.3 XD cine lens family, low-budget productions can now take the same approach to creating their own special effects. 

The ten prime lenses between 15 and 135 millimetres cover full-frame and are equipped with an interchangeable mount so that they can be used on almost any camera. Image quality is assured, with a clean, crisp look typical for ZEISS. These lenses deliver outstanding results, even in light situations with a large dynamic range (watch the show reel here). Besides, the lenses are light-weight and compact, making them particularly well-suited for hand-held filming or shooting with gimbals, Steadicam or drones.

In addition to the ZEISS CP.3 XD, there is also a version available without metadata: the ZEISS CP.3.

The ZEISS CP.3 and CP.3 XD Cine Lens Family will be showcased at SMPTE 2017, Stand B40 (C R Kennedy & Co. Pty Ltd).

For more information, visit ZEISS website here.

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