Tomorrow When the War Began TV premiere spurs actors and fans to call for sequel

10 November, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Tomorrow When the War Began TV premiere spurs actors and fans to call for sequel

The biggest Australian film at the box office in 2010, Tomorrow When the War Began, had its premiere on local free-to-air TV on Friday night. The film, based on the first novel from John Marsden’s popular series, grossed $13.5 million in Australia and spurred expectations of a sequel.

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Tomorrow, When the War Began Full Length Trailer HQ!alysonmichalka91
However, the $27 million film failed to win an audience in the US and several other major territories and, despite an announcement that the sequel would start shooting in 2011, was put on hold. More than 18 months later, it remains stalled in development but the TV screening brought forth a flood of fans. Lincoln Lewis, who played Kevin the film, led the banter.
Thanks so much to every1 sending tweets out tonight about TWTWB, makin me all nostalgic!Love that there’s still so much support 4the film!Lincoln Lewis
The outpouring of support prompted actors Phoebe Tonkin (who played air-headed blonde Fi) and Rachel Hurd-Wood (Corrie), to reminisce about the experience.
I learnt a good lesson filming Tomorrow When the War Began: Blondes Do have more fun (and casualties) I had a black eye during filmingPhoebe Tonkin
@1PhoebeJTonkin I’ll never forget that trip to the pharmacy ! XRachel Hurd-Wood
But, with promises of a sequel still in development – possibly a TV series rather than a film – fans had one question they wanted answered. Unfortunately, the answer was not what they wanted to hear.
@linc_lewis yeah it is an awesome movie. Are we ever going to see the rest of series?sarah stefanovic
@sarahstef9 I don’t know… I don’t think the producers are doing anymore :(((Lincoln Lewis
@linc_lewis we are waiting for the rest of the seriesJohn Osmond
@Johnny_LT4 haha me too !!Lincoln Lewis
@linc_lewis just watched it for the first time. Genuinely confused?! Where’s the rest?!Sharelle Thompson
@sharelle_x awh don’t even get me started ay… We’re all asking that :(Lincoln Lewis
The excitement prompted Lincoln Lewis to trend briefly in Australia.
Lincoln Lewis, @linc_lewis is now trending in Australia Australia
Lewis recently appeared in local shark thriller Bait 3D – a film which bombed at the local box office here but was a hit in China and other territories. It’s cold-comfort for TWTWB fans.
You’re making a Bait sequel! So make a TWTWB sequel!Kelly
Bait 3D – Official Australian Trailerparamountpicturesau
@linc_lewis I say everyone that wants twtwb to be made throws 2 bucks in a hat and see what happens. Awesome film. Get it done legend lolliam downes
@linc_lewis thinking its time got that petition for sequels 2 and 3 up and running again.. If Firefly can so can we!Sarah Watson
Until that happens, at least the fans still have their memories.
after i watched twtwb everytime i heard a plane i freaked out because i thought we were getting invaded and im still a bit freaked hahaMADIE
Haha OMG #tomorrowwhenthewarbegan rae âœÅ’