Tony Ayres among SPAAmart’s projects shortlist

30 September, 2008 by IF

[Release by SPAA]

SPAA has announced the feature film projects from Australia and New Zealand for this year’s SPAAmart, which runs from 13 to 14 November at the Sheraton Mirage on Queensland’s Gold Coast.


SPAAmart is a selective entry market. Projects are chosen by the quality of submission. The key criteria for selection are projects that are well developed, distinctive, fresh and with the potential to be highly attractive to their intended audiences. Projects must be market ready, preferably with serious attachments, and capable of leveraging finance through the Producer Offset. 

The ten selected projects from Australia and New Zealand were chosen from a larger, more diverse and well-developed field than usual. The projects selected have an eye for an audience and are terrific examples of their genres.

The selected projects are:

The End of Anxiety – Ian Iveson, producer; Michelle Harrison, EP; Marty Murphy, writer/director
Scratch the Surface – Trevor Blainey & Jannine Barnes, producers; Grant Scicluna, writer; Tony Ayres, director
Galore – Philippa Campey, producer; Rhys Graham, writer/director
Mei Mei – Penny Carl & Lesley Stevens, producers; Pauline Chan, writer/director
Beneath Hill 60 – Bill Leimbach, producer; David Roach, writer; Jeremy Sims, director
Black Swan – Ros Walker, producer; Stuart Page, writer; Jonathon Teplitzky, director
Pangs – Robert Raymond & Leah Wright, producers; Greg Woodland, writer/director

Capsized – James Heyward, producer; Stephanie Johnson, writer; Mark Joffe, director
One of Us – Arani Cuthbert, producer; Philippa Campbell, EP; Norelle Scott, writer; Chris Dudman, director
Amatu – Leanne Saunders & Glen Elliott, producers; Matt Saville, writer; Marc Swadel & Paul Swadel, directors