Welcome to Sunnyvale Trailer Park.  In our diverse community, you’ll find a friendly mix of total misfits, irreverent mischief-makers and half-witted criminals all looking for a little peace, love and financial wellbeing any which way they can.  Here, we have all kinds of enjoyable community activities:  BBQ stealing, dope-growing, bootlegging, petty theft, cat shows, you name it.  And we have a wide variety of living arrangements, from trailers to shacks to cozy shitmobiles.
OK, Sunnyvale might not be paradise.  But it’s become a place full of hilarious irony, joyful derangement and the touching misadventures of loyal buddies coming to terms with love, money, friendship, the occasional gunfight and the constant human struggle to stay out of jail.
Here you’ll find the Trailer Park Boys themselves, a trio of wondrously loopy low-lifes who have become comic icons and pop culture heroes in their native Canada.  An insanely popular cult  hit, the Trailer Park Boys  came to fame via a stunningly successfully mockumentary-style television series, in the tradition of “This is Spinal Tap”, that had audiences and critics falling in love with the funny-sad foibles of Sunnyvale residents Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (John Paul Tremblay) and Bubbles (Mike Smith).
Directed by Mike Clattenburg, written by Clattenburg and Robb Wells. Executive producer Ivan Reitman (Animal House, Old School, Dave & Stripes)

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