TVB Hong Kong chooses Chyron Channel Box HD Graphics Solution from Magna Systems

29 April, 2013 by IF

Press release

TVB, the first free-to-air television broadcaster in Hong Kong, recently purchased and installed multiple Chyron Channel Box HD graphics solutions from Magna Systems and Engineering for the technical and on-air graphics presentation requirements of its TVB Jade, TVB Pearl and J2 television channels.


TVB reaches out to overseas Chinese communities, with its productions available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, among others, on channels such as TVB's own TVBS-Europe subscription satellite service.

The new HD graphics solution was required to provide moving graphics and audio playout alongside TVB’s custom playout application and existing automation system. TVB also had specific criteria for the HD graphics system that included a fast loading time less than one second between graphics scenes, straightforward software development, Unicode language support, a high level of flexibility and maximum reliability.

Frankie Yau, Engineering Manager at Magna Systems and Engineering Hong Kong explained, “We first showed TVB them the graphics capability of the Chyron Channel Box system and then followed up with an intensive Proof of Concept (POC) test and review. TVB are a very thorough organisation and also wanted a POC with an automation control interface playback of various graphics scenes multiple times. With our deep knowledge of automation integration we provided and assisted them with a lab simulation of the automation playout control interface in order to test the system with a schedule of events, and also the reliability and graphics functionality of the system. This process also ensured the graphics scenes were able to be played back consistently over automated control playback.”

Powered by a realtime 2D/3D render engine Chyron’s Channel Box HD graphics solution delivers TVB’s three channels with up-to-the-minute headlines, financial data, weather reports, live to air credit squeezes, “L” frame tickers and automated promos. The Channel Box system also supports ODBC data sources, text files, XML and a full VB Scripting engine. Control over the system is extensive with support for Chyron's Intelligent Interface protocol, VDCP, GPI, COM API, or manual control via a custom control panel. 

Magna Systems has a long and successful relationship with TVB Hong Kong, in part due to the company’s key focus on providing its clients with comprehensive service and support. In the case of the recent Channel Box installation, as a systems integrator, Magna helped the broadcaster launch the first of their channels complete with the new HD graphics in less than five weeks – a feat that included onsite testing and fine tuning during the on air launch period.

Frankie Yau concluded, “With their new Chyron Channel Box HD graphics solution all three TVB channels’ scene graphics and data changes fully load and play within one second of the trigger window with predefined time, sequences and effects. The new Channel Box system also supports TVB’s various dynamic database updates and works efficiently with their custom application development. Magna Systems provided TVB with testing, support and training on the Channel Box installation and helped with their in-house software application development and automation integration. We also played an important role helping to liaise and capture all the key system information they would require and provided our usual high level of prompt service and support throughout the entire project.”