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They have starred in some of television’s hottest shows and made their mark on the TV industry, but which one of these young actors do you think will make the leap from the small to big screen?

Underbelly’s Firass Dirani and Hugo Johnstone Burt, Eva Lazzaro of Tangle, Katherine Kicks from Rescue Special Ops, Offspring’s Richard Davies and Ryan Corr of Packed to the Rafters are fighting it out as nominees for the new Media Super Out of the Box IF Award.

The decision is yours and with less than a week left to vote, the Kodak IF Awards want you to have your say!

It is sure to be a close race with each of the actors having more than proven themselves in some fantastic television roles.

They have already been selected as nominees by an industry panel including TV executive producer Kim Vecera and TV producer Steve Knapman, agent Mark Morrissey, actor Matt Day and Emmy nominated casting director Christine King, marking them as talents to be watched in coming years.

Voting for Media Super Out of the Box IF Award will close on Sunday November 7th so log on to and make your voice heard.

The 2010 Kodak Inside Film Awards, Sydney will take place at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place on Sunday November 14 with a Jameson after party at ivy. Tickets are on sale now at and are for over-18 years only.

Media Super is the industry super fund for print, media, entertainment and arts professionals. With more than 125,000 members, 16,000 employers and more than $2.7 billion in assets, Media Super supports the people who keep creativity alive in Australia.

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