UK broadcaster buys ANZAC Girls

02 October, 2014 by Press Release

Channel 4's digital channel More4 has acquired UK broadcasting rights for Screentime's World War 1 drama ANZAC Girls.

Based on the historic letters and diaries of five young women, ANZAC Girls follows the lesser-known true story of Australia and New Zealand nurses.


The 6 x 60 series – acquired from all3media International – chronicles the struggles of the fledgling nurses as they are drafted to the Middle East as part of a secret military campaign.

Their lives, loves and losses will be recreated as the audience experiences the reality of life in the war fields of Gallipoli and the Western Front in Europe.

As the centenary of Gallipoli approaches in 2015, the series – which also draws inspiration from Peter Rees’ book The Other Anzacs – is currently airing on ABC Australia. Across the series, the historical account of five unsung heroes of The Great War – as recorded through diaries, letters and photographs sent to loved ones – will be told as they care for their distraught and damaged countrymen on the front line.

Louise Pedersen, Managing Director, all3media International, said: "I’m delighted that More4 has acquired Screentime’s ANZAC GIRLS. It’s a work of exceptional quality and sensitivity, which launched to tremendous critical acclaim and high audience viewing figures on its debut with Australia’s ABC.

"This war-time drama, told through the eyes of the young, brave nurses who attended the front lines of war, far from their Australian and New Zealand homes has also just been acquired in the USA by Acorn TV – RLJ Entertainment’s digital channel – so we are proud to have found two new prestigious homes for this accomplished series. We hope that that More4’s audience are as charmed and moved by the show as we are."

The series is due to air in 2015.