UK screenwriter to mentor young Aussie writers

08 October, 2015 by IF

UK screenwriter, Bryan Elsley, will help young Australian writers develop a new series in a residential script lab.

Six writers will be selected to travel to Byron Bay to develop online drama series Deadlock from December 14-18.


The initiative has been developed and funded with the support of the Screen Australia Enterprise Stories Program.

Every Cloud Productions will deliver the workshop in partnership with Northern Rivers Screenworks as part of the ongoing development process for their drama Deadlock. 

The workshop will use an innovative story development approach to mentor emerging screenwriters and explore the best ways to reach the target audience.

Elsley will travel to Australia to join forces with Every Cloud Productions’ executive Producers, Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger, along with multiplatform writer Mike Jones and local Indigenous writer Jon Bell. 

The workshop will be supported by young people from the Northern Rivers aged 16 to 18 years, who will help inform content and relevant delivery platforms.

Fiona Eagger said: “By bringing together a collaborative team of emerging screenwriters, local youth and experienced storytellers, we hope to craft a series that engages a wide audience, and offers content current and honest enough to provide genuine insights into the ‘secret’ life of youth."

Deadlock is an original concept by Deb Cox, developed for Every Cloud Productions with Fiona Eagger. 

The series will combine authentic voices with stories that reflect the candour and vibrancy of youth culture – tempering complex issues faced by teenagers in Australia, with humour, courage and energy.  

At the core of Deadlock lies the mystery of what happened one fateful night beneath the tropical gloss of an idyllic coastal town in north east Australia. 

When long-standing teenage regional rivalries are stirred at a late night party – a short drive to a neighbouring town ends with a catastrophic car crash. 

But the accident is only part of the picture and as the circumstances leading up it are unravelled, the pieces of a puzzle fall into place and the many stories of the youth of this fictional town are peeled open…

Deb Cox said the international success of Skins had proven that well-written and well-produced youth drama, guided by the story-telling craft of accomplished practitioners but authenticated by young screen creatives, could travel across the globe. 

"We’re aiming to work with youth to create original story content on platforms they connect with and convey opinions and attitudes that more honestly reflect their world,” she said.

Applications are open for emerging writers to participate in this workshop. 

The deadline for applications is November 2. 

For more information on the role of the emerging writers and how to apply visit 

Successful applicants will be notified by 12 November 2015.