unIndian director Anupam Sharma reveals new Australia-India co-production

05 February, 2016 by Brian Karlovsky

unIndian director Anupam Sharm with Brett Lee and Tannishtha Chatterjee.


unIndian director Anupam Sharma has launched his next project, One Step at a Time, just months after the lacklustre box office performance of last year's heavily marketed comedy starring cricketer Brett Lee.

The feature documentary, a co-production between Australia and India to be directed and produced by Sharma, will follow former Australian politican and ultramarathon runner, Pat Farmer, as he runs the length of India. 

Producer, Penny Robins, is the consultant executive producer on the project.

With a working title of One Step at a Time, the film will document Farmer’s run and will showcase the colourful, enchanting, challenging and organised chaos of India. 

Also joining Sharma on the film is India’s award-winning documentary filmmaker Yasmin Kidwai as creative consultant and co-producer. 

Kidwai will be tasked with ensuring broadcast sales in India.

Kidwai said she was very excited to be working on the Indian Australian collaboration.

"I have heard so much about Anupam and his good will, and I can see first-hand how seamlessly he has got everyone and everything together," she said.

Sharma said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"The exciting thing about One Step at a time is the sheer scale of support from various ministries in India, which could not have been possible without the support and guidance of India’s High Commissioner, Mr Navdeep Suri," he said. 

"This welcome in India is a rare luxury for an Australian race and film team.’

Farmer is already into day nine of his 66 day run across India, 

Farmer said he chose "Anu" to do the film because he needed somebody who had a deep understanding of both Australia and India.

"Somebody who knew the Indian psyche and also who had a pretty good indication of what the road ahead lay for me," he said.

"I chose to do this because I wanted people sitting at home to know and understand what’s involved in being on the road and traversing the length of an incredible nation of such diversity and different culture and religion of language and landscape. 

"I figured the best way to do that was to get out there and run it so that people can see the road and the landscape of India through my eyes and through my footsteps."

Suri, said Farmer’s Spirit of India run is truly a journey of epic proportions. 

"I am delighted that an experienced filmmaker like Anupam Sharma has been chosen to capture this epic on film, to create a narrative that will capture the imagination of the people of India, Australia and beyond.’

The film is funded by the Australia India Film Fund and other private investments.

As well as receiving private investment, the film also has the support of India Tourism, providing Sharma with access to some amazing locations and landmarks across India.