By Simon de Bruyn

Unfinished Sky looks set to creep over $1 million in box office, with this weekend’s takings pushing the film to $941,248 following a massive 12 weeks in cinemas.

The Peter Duncan film took a per screen average of $676 on 16 screens, for a total of $10,822 for the weekend. This almost matched Not Quite Hollywood’s screen average of $681 – on 47 screens. The doco took $31,995 in its second weekend, for a paltry total of $140,325.

Son of a Lion continued to do well in its third weekend, taking a further $13,320 for a total of $65,605 on just six screens.

Benjamin Zeccola, executive director of Palace Films – which distributed Unfinished Sky – told INSIDEFILM the film was continuing to do strong business in regional areas.

“People are really enjoying the film; there’s been strong word of mouth and a lot of demand from regional locations. It’s proven to have really long legs,” he said.

“The [box office] over the last couple of weeks has come from regional business and we’re still confident that we will hit $1m. There are still a lot of regional bookings to come in.”

Madman is set to release Unfinished Sky on DVD on October 8.

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