Vampire Academy’s Lucy Fry has won a supporting role in Cook, Bruce Beresford’s US drama starring Eddie Murphy as an artistic chef who agrees to provide meals to the family of a dying man.

The screenplay by Susan McMartin (Two And A Half Men, Californication) unfolds over 15 years as Murphy’s character Henry becomes a surrogate father.

Britt Robertson, who was a regular in TV’s Under the Dome before scoring the female lead opposite George Clooney in Disney’s upcoming mystery-adventure Tomorrowland, plays the deceased daughter’s Charlotte.

Fry, who co-starred with Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell in Greg Mclean’s LA-shot supernatural thriller 6 Miranda Drive, is Charlotte’s friend Poppy.  Her credits includer Mako: Island of Secrets, Reef Doctors and Lightning Point.

Shooting starts tomorrow US time in Los Angeles, produced by Lee Nelson and Mark Canton.

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  1. Lucy Fry is also in the amazing movie ‘Vampire Academy’ the first movie was okay but the books are a whole lot better! i really want a Vampire Academy 2, it will be awesome!

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