16 April, 2014 by Press Release

VCR Media, in association with Jag Pannu Productions, has released a web series with a difference in the lead up to shooting feature film BROKEN CONTRACT starring Chris Morris (Offspring, Crownies) and Esther Anderson (SIBERIA, Home and Away).

“CHOOSE YOUR HOMAGE: CHINCHILLA HUNT” is the first project from ScreenWest’s 3 to 1 Match funding initiative last year, to be released online. The revolutionary new interactive series lets the audience choose which film genre they want to see ‘homaged’ in a new twist on the traditional “Choose Your Own Adventure” storybooks.


Made with an entirely W.A. Cast and Crew on a crowd funded budget of $14000 – the story revolves around Sophia, when she arrives home from a deeply unsuccessful date with perennial loser Padraig, to discover to her horror that Neville, her beloved pet Chinchilla, has been Chinchilla-napped. It’s now down to her, Padraig and you, the viewer to solve the clues and find Neville before time runs out.

“Chinchilla Hunt is unique and nostalgic. It combines everything you loved as a kid in the one series. Plus it’s a film geek’s nirvana!” says James Pentecost – Co-Writer/Director.

“The deeper you go into the story the more complicated it gets. That’s what will make the series so interesting on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th viewing. You’ll notice things you’ve never seen before” comments Hayden Fortescue – Co-Writer/Director.

The web series was shot at famous 1950’s Art Deco Mansion “Blue Waters” in Perth’s south. The property is on the West Australian Municipal Heritage Inventory and will feature onscreen again soon in John V Soto’s “THE RECKONING”.

People can start their 'hunt' at the link below: