Victoria steals the show

08 December, 2008 by IF

[Press Release by Solid Ink Communications]

Victoria continues to steal the spotlight with Screen Australia’s 2007/08 Drama Production Survey results showing that 37% of the $650 million in national drama production activity took place on-location and in studios throughout Melbourne. A mix of high quality local and international film and TV drama productions generated the $250 million for the Victorian economy – a 60% increase on the previous financial year.


Victoria’s diverse locations, outstanding facilities and world class crews attracted productions to the state, while local production companies brought their own projects to life, directly contributing $86 million to the national drama production activity tally.

Film Victoria CEO, Sandra Sdraulig, was thrilled with the news; “2007/08 was a sterling year for the local screen industry, with these Survey results proving Victoria a favoured production destination and a thriving hub of local project development. I’m delighted to be presented with another opportunity to congratulate Victorian practitioners on their outstanding skill and dedication.”

Throughout last year Victorian practitioners proved their talent on visiting mega-productions such as Steven Spielberg’s miniseries The Pacific and Alex Proyas’ latest feature Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage. Many Australian productions also sought Victoria’s diverse locations and unique skill-set, with productions like Bed of Roses, Satisfaction and City Homicide shooting on-location and in studios throughout the year.

Ms. Sdraulig continued, “Victoria’s contribution to the national drama production total was driven by many wonderful projects such as Queen Ant Films’ Playing for Charlie and Adam Elliott’s claymation feature Mary and Max. There was also Sarah Watt’s feature film My Year Without Sex which took shape last year – all of which promise to engage and excite audiences when they release throughout 2009.”

Film Victoria was pleased to fund 43% of all television slate productions in 2007/08, with the state set to continue its role as screen industry leader in 2008/09. A full slate of drama productions are already underway such as feature film Charlie and Boots starring Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson which is travelling up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cape Town. Television drama Bed of Roses has just begun filming series two, starring Kerry Armstrong, and feature film South Solitary, produced by Marian Macgowan, will soon kick off production.

“As we reach the half way mark for 2008/09, there is great hope and excitement that the Victorian screen industry will experience another highly successful year. The quality of projects seeking Film Victoria production investment and production development support this year have been exceptional. Congratulations to the industry and I thank them for their hard work and professionalism.”