Victorian screenwriter to pen crime scenes

26 August, 2008 by IF

[release from Film Victoria]

Film Victoria is excited to announce an international fellowship opportunity for Victorian screenwriters, with acclaimed US television series ratings hit – NCIS.


Thanks to a deal struck between Film Victoria and CBS Paramount in Los Angeles, one skilled Victorian screenwriter will spend six weeks shadowing NCIS writing staff, observing first hand the development and production of an entire episode of the show’s sixth season.

This is the first time any national screen agency has leveraged its international relationships and proactively brokered a fellowship deal, presenting the industry with an organised, expenses paid opportunity.

Sandra Sdraulig, Film Victoria CEO, elaborated on the unique opportunity, ”We recognise it’s extremely difficult for an independent practitioner to negotiate an international placement of this calibre, which is why we launched the Fellowship program. This will be an invaluable learning experience for a Victorian screenwriter and they will play a critical role in expanding the capability of our local industry, sharing their experience with peers as they return to work on local projects.”

The successful Fellow will observe the NCIS writing team through the entire scripting process – from research, story outline development, shooting a draft and script changes to observing how the script adapts to the screen and watching writers interact with actors, editors and directors.

“Film Victoria believes that script writing and development skills are fundamental to creating projects that resonate with audiences. Providing an international opportunity for writers was our first priority for the Fellowship program,” said Ms Sdraulig.

“The screen industry is a global business and Film Victoria is proud to spearhead a new generation of learning and development opportunities for local practitioners,” continued Ms Sdraulig.

Film Victoria is urging all Victorian professional screenwriters to review the opportunity details, eligibility criteria and program funding guidelines at