WA Government invests $2.77 million in 14 local production companies

17 December, 2015 by Staff Writer

The Western Australian government has invested $2.77 million into 14 local production companies in a bid to boost output. 

The 14 companies who will share in the spoils include Prospero Productions, Electric Pictures, Artemis International, Sea Dog TV International, Joined Up Films, Metamorflix, Showrunner Productions, Good Dog Enterprises, See Pictures, WBMC, Mad Kids, Filmscope Entertainment, Beyond West and Factor 30 Films.


Culture and the Arts Minister John Day said the support would ensure the continued growth and development of the Western Australian screen industry.

“This funding is designed to assist production companies to expand or diversify their business with the aim of creating higher levels of production in the State,” he said.

“The successful production companies will further develop projects including documentary series and feature films."

According to a government statement, the funding targets the development and production of WA film, television and digital media projects as well as the professional development of screen industry practitioners and production companies

It is administered by ScreenWest through the SuperDoc Fund, Drama and Factual Slate Development funds, Industry Enhancement Fund and Screen Business Development

Day said production levels for feature films in WA was at an all-time high.

“Blue Dog was shot earlier in the year in the Pilbara, Jasper Jones has just finished filming in the South-West, as has A Few Less Men in Perth and surrounding areas, while Other Life and Bad Girl also recently wrapped up,” he said.

“The Tim Winton adaptation, Breath, will start filming in the Great Southern in early 2016. 

"The documentary sector also continues to provide world-class content to national and international television broadcasters. The production of television content and feature films in the State directly benefits the local economy and creates jobs.”