Press release

Vegan 101 will screen at Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood on Thursday, August 11 at 2pm followed by a world exclusive premiere of Season 2 episodes Vegano, Miso Soup For The Soul and The Book Signing, starring Eric Roberts. Buy your tickets here.

The star-studded opening night kicks off on Thursday, August 4 and will be hosted by Drai’s Cocktail Lounge in the famous W Hotel in Hollywood. Red carpet starts at 7pm.

The awards banquet will be held at The Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood on Friday, August 12.

The highly acclaimed series was created and written by Joanne Rose and produced by her production company Vegan Vision Productions; whose mission is to inspire compassion and entertainment.

Rose, who hails from Melbourne, Australia and based in Los Angeles, is a longtime vegan and animal rights devotee.

Vegan 101 is the first vegan sketch comedy on the internet. The series which launched online in mid 2009, recently won three outstanding achievement awards at LA Web Fest 2011.

Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), stars as Dr. Eaton Wright, in a hilarious look at what happens when Dr. Wright takes the vegan lifestyle by storm with his TV show "Eating Right" to promote vegan awareness inside and outside of the vegan community using risqué and oddball antics. Dr. Wright is joined by his quirky and clingy wife, Erica Sprout-Wright (played by Rose).

Rose explains "People love to laugh and be entertained. It's a way of educating others about veganism through unconventional ways, which may inspire others to adopt a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle through popularity and fascination with compassionate living. With entertainment, people won't shun away.”

Rose said of Roberts, “[He] gives a side splitting performance as Dr. Eaton Wright and will have audiences in fits of laughter". She adds that Roberts is “an incredibly talented and versatile actor whose passion and dedication to the craft is evident in each role he takes on and his commitment to the vegan lifestyle and animal rights was the ultimate choice for Season 2”.

The much-anticipated second season also features music by the gifted talent of Keaton Simons who is Roberts’ step son (mother is actress, Eliza Roberts).

Future episodes for the second season include: Vegan Fitness Coach, Vegan Hypnosis, Vegan of the Year, Vegan Holiday at Sea.

Vegan Vision Productions is currently seeking digital distribution partners and prospective advertisers.

Vegan 101 received the Green Lifestyle Film Festival 2010 Green Apple Award in Los Angeles.