Weekly box office: 14/05/09

14 May, 2009 by IF

By Simon de Bruyn

Prior to its weekend debut in Cannes, Samson and Delilah has ended its first week in cinemas with a very healthy $281,000 across just 12 screens.


According to MPDAA figures, the film’s box office total is $302,000, including $20,000 in previews. The $1.6 million film has made more in its first week than the $8.5 million Two Fists, One Heart made in its entire theatrical run.

Over the week, Samson and Delilah took a whopping $23,410 screen average, easily the highest of the week among both limited and major releases. The closest film was Star Trek, which took a screen average of $19,000 across 317 screens.

Samson and Delilah will start to expand onto more screens on May 21, following intense demand from exhibitors.

Closed for Winter and The Combination added small amounts to their tallies, while Mary and Max continued to soldier on, tallying up a new total of $1.15 million. The new figures for Prey are not available.

Film  Budget   Distributor   Opening w/e   Box Office 
Mary and Max  $8m   Icon   $217,176  $1,155,265
Love the Beast  unknown   Madman   $241,982  $771,147
The Combination  $1.169m   AFS   $188,054  $727,116
Samson and Delilah  $1.6m   Para/Trans/Footprint   $199,163  $302,275
Two Fists, One Heart  $8.5m   Disney   $96,999  $292,810
Beautiful  $2m   Kojo/Jump Street   $22,406  $51,008
Closed for Winter  $2m   Omnilab Media   $19,449  $43,974
Crush  $2m   Filmscope/Odin’s Eye   previews   $13,051
Salvation  unknown   Hopscotch   $2,262  $3,182
Prey   $4m   Damage Releasing   $1,089  $1,089

Sources: MPDAA, Nielsen EDI and Inside Film