Weekly box office: 30/04/09

30 April, 2009 by IF

By Simon de Bruyn

After weeks of marketing the film directly to Perth teenagers, John Soto’s teen thriller Crush took over $13,000 on one hometown screen this week.


By packing crowds into one screen at the city’s Piccadilly Cinemas, Crush scored the highest screen average of the week by far, in both limited release and top 20 films.

The closest average to this among limited release films was Tulpan, which took an average of $9,000 on 15 screens in its opening week. Crush also beat out the Fast & Furious $11,000 per screen average, playing in its second week.

Meanwhile in its first week of national release Closed for Winter took just over $30,000 on 17 screens, according to MPDAA figures.

Mary and Max added a further $76,000 to its bottom line, and is expected to cross $1 million over the weekend.

Film  Budget (est)   Distributor   Opening w/e   Box Office 
Mary and Max  $8,000,000  Icon   $217,176  $897,793
Love the Beast  Unknown   Madman   $241,982  $765,337
The Combination  $1,320,000  AFS   $188,054  $725,879
Two Fists, One Heart  $8,500,000  Disney   $96,999  $292,810
Beautiful  $2,000,000  Kojo/Jump Street   $22,406  $51,008
Closed for Winter  $2,000,000  Omnilab Media   $19,449  $30,623
Crush  $2,000,000  Filmscope/Odin’s Eye   $8,300  $13,051
Salvation  Unknown   Hopscotch   $2,262  $3,182