WIN a copy of Subdivision

30 March, 2011 by IF

In an homage to the great Australian movies like Muriel’s Wedding and Sunday Too Far Away, the comedy-drama about family, love and the great Australian dream, SUBDIVISION – now on DVD following its cinematic release in 2009 – is a beautifully crafted film set on the sparkling southern coastal corner of Queensland that all Australians will fall in love with.

Digger Kelly (Gary Sweet) and son Jack (Ashley Bradnam) are local carpenters, and with mum Betty (Kris McQuade) doing the books, life could not be more simple and sweet for an honest and hard working Australian family.


Digger and his crew have a long history of assured employment through local property developer Harry (Steve Bisley). But when Harry declares himself broke, it’s not just the Kelly family but the whole town who find themselves ‘up the creek’. On top of this, a new big city corporate developer enters the scene headed by Tiffany (Brooke Satchwell), making for even more uncertain times and a community divided.

Thanks to Freshwater Pictures, we have five copies to give away. To enter, email your details to with the subject heading "Subdivision."