Winners of 2011 ASE Awards announced

05 December, 2011 by IF

Press release from ASE

The Australian Screen Editors Guild is delighted to announce the winners of their 2011 ‘Ellie’ Awards.


The Vanguard in Sydney’s Newtown hosted the sixth annual ASE Awards ceremony, where the film and television industry’s most elusive members turned out for their night of nights. ‘The Ellies’, warmly nicknamed due to the bronze elephant statues awarded to winners, encourage both industry and public alike to celebrate outstanding achievements in editing across all visual mediums.

Awards host, actor Rob Carlton (Underbelly, Paper Giants) amused the crowd with his anecdotes and buoyed the spirit of the evening with his genuine interest in the Guild’s endeavours.


Avid Award for Best Editing in a Feature Film

Oranges and Sunshine – Dany Cooper ASE

Blue Post Award for Best Editing in a Documentary

Girls’ Own War Stories – Antoinette Ford

Digital Pictures Award for Best Editing in Television Drama

Spirited, Series 1, Episode 2 – Martin Connor

Omnilab Media Award for Best Editing in Television Non-Drama

On Trial, Episode 1 – Denise Haslem ASE

EFILM Award for Best Editing in a Commercial

NAB ‘3 Year Olds’ – Bernard Garry ASE

AFTRS Awards for Best Editing in a Short Film

Something Fishy – Melanie Annan

Level Two Music Award for Best Editing in a Music Video

Schvendes ‘Lay the Noose’ – Matt Osborne


Lifetime Memberships are presented by the Australian Screen Editors Guild to people who have made a contribution to our screen industry in such a way as to have a positive impact on editing and Editors.

Lifetime membership is given rarely and is always a sign of great respect and appreciation form the editing community of Australia.

This year Henry Dangar ASE was presented with a Lifetime Membership for his passionate commitment to the Guild over the past 16 years. Fiona Strain ASE introduced the bestowment, highlighting Dangar’s tireless contribution to the editing community and its causes: “He understands our world, our craft and our struggles very much. But beyond that he has always wanted to help.”

The Awards marked the culmination of a strong year for the editing community and the Guild’s President Jason Ballantine ASE, is enthusiastic about its future. “Wow, what a year,” he remarked. “The 2011 events were incredibly diverse, Committees were formalised in WA and SA, Membership is at an all time high. We awarded seven categories at The Ellies as well as honoring our Lifetime Member Henry Dangar ASE and our new Accredited Members. It's a great place to be!”








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