Woodley trailer

23 January, 2012 by IF

Lovable Aussie comedian Frank Woodley has returned to the ABC. After 20 years as Lano and Woodley, which included popular ABC series The Adventures of Lano and Woodley, Frank is back with a new physical comedy.

Starring alongside the Melbourne comic is Justine Clarke, Alexandra Cashmere and Tom Long.


Woodley is the chaotic and accident-prone, yet devoted father of seven-year-old Ollie. Recently divorced, his ex-wife Em couldn't live amongst the chaos but Woodley secretly hopes that one day he'll win her back and they'll be a family again. But with Em's new boyfriend on the scene, this could prove difficult.

With all jokes being physical (rather than verbal), the Trent O'Donnell-directed series is refreshingly-original.

The eight-part series premieres on ABC1 on February 22 at 8pm.

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