Pacific Heat.

Pacific Heat, dubbed Australia’s first adult animation, will premiere on the Comedy Channel November 27.

Set on the Gold Coast, Pacific Heat is the brainchild of Working Dog Production’s Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Michael Hirsh.

The 13-part comedy series is based on the exploits of an undercover special unit known as 'Pacific Heat', established by police authorities to tackle everyone from petty crooks to international drug cartels. Unconventional, uncompromising and with an arrest rate second to none, the team are not afraid to operate outside the law – provided at least one of them is wearing a fluorescent safety vest.

Characters are voiced by Sitch, Cilauro and Gleisner along with Rebecca Massey and Lucia Mastrantone.

Commissioned for Foxtel, the show has also  been picked up by Netflix for the US, Canada and Ireland, where it will go online in early December.

“Adult animation has always been popular on The Comedy Channel and it’s fantastic to have a home-grown Australian animation series on Foxtel. Pacific Heat is a perfect fit for our audience,” said Foxtel Network’s head of premium entertainment Graham Burrells.

Working Dog’s Michael Hirsh said the company enjoyed exploring new formats. 

“We’ve published books, created a stage production, a podcast series and experimented with animation. Making an animated series is, I guess, another example of this desire to try out different ways of doing things. We showed a few short scenes to Foxtel and they commissioned the series on the spot,” said Hirsh.

Pacific Heat will air November 27 at 8.00pm on The Comedy Channel.

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