WOW Festival set to open

07 October, 2009 by IF

Press release from WOW

5 Days…6 Programs of Australian & International films…
2 Australian Feature Film Premieres & 3 Film Maker Forums!!!



Best selection of new Australian & International short films … fiction, documentary, animation, music videos and vodules created by women filmmakers!

OPENING NIGHT …Wednesday 14th October 6.00pm

Drinks, canapés, live music …

Australian Shorts screening program starts at 6.30 pm
…….premieres & award winners ……

Warpaint, Lash, Identity in Motion, Warning: It May Contain Subtitles, Necessary Games – Necessity, Dancing through the Pain, Terror on the Northside, Jacob, fOUR

International Shorts screening program starts at 8.30 pm
… premieres & award winners …
Misconnect, The Debt Collector, A Springtime Melody, The Reason I Collect, Storm,
Sorry Girl, Open Your Eyes

Australian Shorts screening program starts at 6.00 pm
… premieres & award winners ….
Be My Brother, Next of Kin, Stain, Bed, Plastic, Two Ducks, Ballad of Betty & Jo

Love Lies Betrayal Murder -Sometimes it’s better to omit the truth!
Psychological whodunit of unusual complexity"
Sydney Premiere of Australian feature film
on Thursday, 15th October at 8.00pm – MEET THE FILM-MAKERS!

AWARDS NIGHT & screenings Friday 16th October
Screening program starts at 5:30pm & Drinks celebration at 6.30pm…
…7pm screenings & 8.30pm Awards Ceremony…
Australian Shorts screening program at 5.30 pm … Sydney premiere of Maverick Mother
– amusing musings of a single thirty something professional seeking motherhood …& Iris

Australian Shorts screening at 7.00 pm … premieres & award winners –
Australian premiere of documentary Palestine, Beer and Oktoberfest: Under Occupation and short films, The Party Shoes, My Little Musical, Ink

Saturday 17th October
Australian & International Shorts screening program starts at 11.30am
Sleeping In Circles, Shrapnel, The Dressmaker’s Daughter, My Nan: The Next Cate Blanchett, Fereshteh, Huriyya & Her Sisters

Followed by a Filmmakers Forum at Chauvel from 12.30 – 1.30pm:
“Women Out West – Western Sydney Filmmakers @ WOW Film Festival”
Speakers: Deborah Szpiro – Moderator: Paula Abood, Director of “Huriyya & Her Sisters”, Annette Sicari, Director of “Bruno”, Cassandra Gaunson, Director of “Sleeping in Circles”
Meet some of the up and coming filmmakers from Western Sydney. Is there anything distinctive about being a “Westie”
Animation and comedy – what a great way to tell a story!

Saturday, 17th October from 2.00 – 4.00pm
“Future Screen – Making A Digital / Mobile World”
MMW Forum at Metro Screen with an Industry guest panel
& streaming & screening of Digi-media Vodule finalists
Moderator: Leisle Grant – Speakers: David Cranswick – Director, Dlux Media Arts, Caitlin Vaughn– Manager of R & P, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), Tiphereth Gloria – Social Media Strategist- Amnesia Razor Fish
Learn how to make money in the digital age. Find out what’s new in Social Media and get your creative juices flowing with
the latest innovations in Digital Art – all this and an opportunity to chat with the people who are making it big in the land of

3 girls, 3 immigrant families, 3 romances, 1 tennis final. It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s serious.
International Premiere of Australian feature film
on Saturday, 17th October at 7.00pm

Sunday 18th October
“Director’s Vision through the Cinematographer’s Lens”
Filmmakers Forum at the AFTRS Theatre with an Industry guest panel on Sunday, 18th October from 1.00 – 3.00pm
Moderator: Karen Pearlman – Speakers: Aloura Charles, USA Director & Cinematographer, Ming D’Arcy and other experts
What makes a great working relationship between a film’s director and the cinematographer? How does this creative
partnership work?


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