Quickflix, Australia's leading movie streaming company, today announced its ‘all you can view’ streamed entertainment service will be available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles without a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox owners will now be able to stream a wide range of classic and new release blockbuster movies and TV shows including HBO, directly to their Xbox console much faster, giving gaming and entertainment fans even better value for money to watch the content they love.

Quickflix Founder and CEO, Stephen Langsford, said: “This is great news for Xbox fans. TV and movie streaming has seen rapid growth among Australian consumers and today’s announcement offers customers even greater choice when it comes to accessing their favourite on-demand content.

This follows closely on Quickflix’s recent announcement of its new entry level streaming plan of $9.99 per month, which offers customers the best value proposition and the most affordable service of its kind.

Quickflix’s streaming service is growing at pace with well over 8 million movies and TV shows streamed to date and the numbers of hours streamed via game consoles growing by 37 per cent in the last quarter.

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