Two young Australian filmmakers, producer and writer Tony Hooper along with director Byron J Brochmann, have come together to take a stand against domestic violence through the production of a short film titled ‘Under the Bed’.

“It’s a sad truth that domestic violence is widespread across our communities, affecting every walk of life, with nearly all Australians knowing someone who has suffered from this evil,” says Tony Hooper.

The issue is extremely personal to Tony having suffered abuse as a child, something that has driven him to pen the film for his Point Cook based production company, Thorium Films.

“As someone who knows the true horror of abuse I wanted to push boundaries within the subject, with our goal from the production to create awareness that each of us needs to take responsibility to speak out when we see abuse,” says Hooper.

To this end the story reflects the loss of innocence that children suffer in an abusive household with the title of ‘Under the Bed’ reflecting that it is not a place to fear monsters, but for too many children a place to hide from a cruel and unforgiving world.

Joining Tony in this production is director Byron J Brochmann whose recent credits include the TV Series, ‘House Husbands’ (CH9) and the Doctor Blake Mysteries (ABC).

“Under The Bed will open up our views on a life lived through violence and the effects it has on everyday children. It will dive into what seems an ordinary family’s home only to show the true horror of domestic violence,” says Brochmann.

To assist in having the film produced Tony and Byron have launched a ‘crowd funding’ campaign, where they will ask the community and corporations to help fund the production, to ensure this important and sensitive story is told.

“The film project is ambitious and will involve a combination of live action and animation with the plan to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence at film festivals all around the world, challenging all who see the film to think about what each of us can do stop this evil” says Hooper.

Those who would like to contribute to having this story told can go to to register their interest.

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