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Avrill Stark Entertainment’s Zigby and the Mango by Suzie Wicks, produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, wins AWGIE Award for ‘Children’s Television – P Classification’ at the 42nd annual AWGIE Awards ceremony celebrated at Doltone House, Sydney on Friday, August 28.

The AWGIE Awards is Australia’s most prestigious award show committed to recognising Australian scriptwriters and their work.
“The AWGIES continue to honour excellence in Australian writing, showcasing great scripts by great writers, as judged by their peers.” said AWG Vice-President Chris Hawkshaw.
Zigby received all four nominations in its category proudly recognising; Zigby’s Kite by John Armstrong, Zigby’s Racing Car by Clare Madsen, Zigby and the Midnight Snacker by Gina Roncoli and Zigby and the Mango by Suzie Wicks.  Avrill Stark’s commitment to working with top industry professionals and the best in their field is paramount to this success.
“We are very fortunate to have such a talented writer working with us on the project. As with all our writers, they have really brought to life the wonderful stories and made Zigby a hit!” said Avrill Stark, Creative Director, Avrill Stark Entertainment.

Zigby is a 3D animated series set on a lush jungle island. It follows the adventures of three young friends – Zigby the Zebra, McMeer the Meerkat and Bertie the Guinea Fowl. The series specifically targets four to five year olds with a wider target audience of three to six year olds. Each episode is 11 minutes in length.
“Zigby and his friends capture the essence of adventure that children love so much.  Uniquely set on a tropical Island, the elements of play embrace the outdoors and all the fun of discovery.  This is a world special to Zigby and his friends – a world totally for them.” responded Avrill Stark, Creative Director, Avrill Stark Entertainment when asked what made Zigby special.

The star of the show, Zigby, is a zebra who ‘trots into trouble’. He has a lively imagination and in each episode he comes up with an offbeat idea that he just has to follow through. Zigby’s enthusiasm rubs off on his two best friends… McMeer, an adorably innocent meerkat, and Bertie, an anxious guinea fowl. These two always end up joining Zigby’s escapades, which always land them all in some kind of trouble. Then it’s up to Zigby to trot them out of trouble again – which he does in an innovative way.
Zigby returns to air this September 2009 on ABC 1, soon to be followed by a DVD release of selected episodes.  In addition to Australia, Zigby is currently airing in Canada, France, Italy and soon to air in Germany, Great Britian, Asia, Spain, Scandinavia, Turkey & Eastern Europe.
Avrill Stark Entertainment Pty Ltd is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading producer of quality children’s entertainment.
Avrill Stark Entertainment Pty Ltd has now established itself as a dominant producer of quality programming in Australia with two new 3D series just completed, ZIGBY, ZEKE’S PAD and is currently in production with Legend of ENYO.

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