Zombie film begins fundraising

26 July, 2010 by IF

Press release from Strongman Pictures

Strongman Pictures and Pro Championship Wrestling Entertainment (PCWe) have launched a fundraiser for the beleaguered indie pro wrestling zombie action film From Parts Unknown.


“It’s like Tron, only with wrestlers and zombies and not set inside a video game”, explains Daniel Armstrong, director of the yet to be completed indie feature From Parts Unknown (FPU), “It’s a pro wrestling zombie action film . Yes you heard me, we’re manufacturing our own exciting sub genre within action horror. There’s even a token midget!”

FPU wrapped shooting 2 years ago but fell prey to issues of resources, time and finance in the post production phase, having been becalmed in the sea of post production for almost 18 months, awaiting sound design, final mix and digital jiggery-pokery required to put her to bed.

Taking the initiative the team have started a fundraiser project on Indiegogo.com, as part of a concerted effort to raise some much-needed dollars to push through to the finish line.

“Our goal on Indiegogo is to raise $5,000 in donations to put toward sound design & mixing services, and digital compositing & animation services. We’ve put together incentive packages, but truthfully what we will give benefactors in return is our undying LOVE & GRATITUDE”, says Armstrong.

Check out the FPU Fundraiser project at http://www.indiegogo.com/From-Parts-Unknown.

“More than 85 talented cast and crew came together to work on FPU, working 42 shoot days over a six month period without a single red cent in return. They committed their time, talent, and loyalty but above all put their FAITH, in FPU. They did so because they BELIEVED in the project and the team, wanted to see the film made, and wanted to give it a chance to find its audience”

The producers of FPU have a 10 minute sizzle VIDEO online (viewable on the FPU Indiegogo page here http://www.indiegogo.com/From-Parts-Unknown or at Armstrong’s blog about the film here http://daniel1971.wordpress.com.

Armstrong and team want to show as many film lovers out there what they’ve got so far, and see if they can find support for FPU to help it over the finish line.

“If you like the look of the 10 minute sizzle piece we’ve got, and would like to support a large team of indie film artists get their big little epic done and out there for all to see, then please consider helping out with a donation! For more on From Parts Unknown visit Me Blog at http://daniel1971.wordpress.com”.

About From Parts Unknown
Charlie’s dreams of becoming a professional wrestler are frustrated by complications with her boyfriend, the unsolicited romantic affections of one of her co-workers, a dictatorial boss who runs the company like a Nazi SS Brigade, and the impending end of the world brought about by a video game based on some very nifty, but ultimately unstable, ex-military technology.