Zspace overhauls the 7:30 Report

09 March, 2011 by IF

Press release from zspace

On Monday night, ABC Television’s national flagship current affairs program 7.30 revealed its new look. With a new name and new hosts, the iconic program received an entire branding overhaul with a new logo, set, opening titles and in-show graphics; all designed by Sydney creative studio, zspace.


“The project was really exciting for our creative team. We had to make the whole look work collaboratively across different mediums – from the graphics to the set – we had to keep in mind everything from lighting to how the set was perceived by the cameras,” said zspace Creative Director Jean-Christophe Danoy.

The new set, executed in conjunction with Pitch Design, features a wall of 16 plasma screens; a versatile round table joining a lower, more casual interview table; and a portable touchscreen LCD television. There is a distinct presence of technology, but the emphasis is on a confident, stylish, clean look.

The set is also interchangeable, seamlessly becoming the set for Lateline with minimal movement, different lighting, and by removing the speciallydesigned logo inserts.

The ABC was keen to retain the essence of the show in the opening titles, so the new look borrows from past openers and modernises. zspace’s concept evolved from the idea of a pinscreen animation, where many pins, each representing one of 7.30’s numerous stories, come together to form the logo.

The new logo inspiration came from the curve of the earth; so that 7.30 is literally a slice of the globe. The white is easy to read and identify surrounded by deep red and therefore acts as a shining light or beacon – such as the show does in the field of current affairs.

“It is fantastic to see the new look go to air, and have such a positive response from the 7.30 team who we’ve been working with so closely,” said zspace Executive Producer Kent Boswell from 7.30’s control room on Monday night.