Aussie stop-motion short imagines Trump’s wall

06 November, 2016 by Staff Writer

Gary Friedman with Trump model (photo: Sav Schulman). 


Melbourne-based puppeteer Gary Friedman has directed and produced a four minute stop-motion animation, Build that Wall, about US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Set in the imaginary Trump Town, USA, the satiricial film follows what happens when the town leader, who lives in a giant castle, announces he will build a wall.  

The film was created over four months at Friedman’s Melbourne studio. 

“In the past year I have become fascinated by the themes of walls, barriers, borders and boundaries. We seem to have a resurgence of separating people, communities, towns and countries internationally,” said Friedman.

Build that Wall has been noticed in the US, featured on the Facebook page of pro-Clinton social media campaigners Humanity for Hillary

Friedman is known for political and satiricial work; originally from South Africa, in the 1980s he used street puppetry to campaign against Apartheid.

(photo: Sav Schulman).