Odd Studio makeup team on Mad Max Oscar win and Alien: Covenant effects

28 March, 2016 by Staff Writer

Damian Martin and Adam Johansen at the 2014 Sydney International Make up Artists Trade Show.


Damian Martin and Adam Johansen are the owners of Odd Studio, and created make-up effects on Mad Max: Fury Road.

The pair are still riding high after attending the Oscars in Los Angeles last month.

"We’ve all grown up watching Hollywood's night of nights and the opportunity to attend is something I think most people have dreamt of. To be nominated for our work is clearly a huge honour".

"When it was announced that Fury Road had won for best makeup and hair it was a true heart in mouth moment and quite overwhelming. It’s still all a little surreal". 

The pair paid tribute to the "massive group effort" that brought the film to the screen.

"Everyone involved worked very hard to bring George Millers vision [to life]". 

"The main thing is all of the awards are for the whole team and most of all for director George Miller. we’re grateful to hair and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt for inviting us along for the ride".  

The duo had their work cut out applying make-up effects in the middle of the Namibian desert and on the fly.

"It was an extremely challenging schedule and environment for prosthetics and we made several developments to help everything go as smoothly as it could. It was a big undertaking for our company and lots of R and D was involved".

For their next gig, Martin and Johansen are sinking their teeth into another sequel to an iconic sci-fi franchise – Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.

The two are on creature effects for the film, which they describe as "a dream job for us rubber monster nerds!"