The Devil’s 6 Commandments trailer

28 October, 2010 by IF

On the verge of committing suicide after being brutally raped by thugs, Nina is persuaded by Ares – her psychotic stepbrother – to track down the thugs and torture them.

During their revenge mission, Nina and Ares encounter Trevor Moretti – a rogue cop who helps their cause; Albert Pike – a homophobic multi-millionaire; and Freddie Ramone – a priest with a dark past.


The Devil's 6 Commandments, written and directed by Dicky Tanuwidjaya and shot in Sydney, is an action movie, with bits of dark humour, and is 100 per cent independent.

Starring Gianna Pattison, Felino Dolloso, Maninho de Aruanda, Robert Luxford, Robin Queree and introducing Rico Banderas, the film will be screening at Sydney's Chauvel Cinema from November 11.