ABC announces ‘Sound Chamber’: your invitation to be a sound artist

21 April, 2011 by IF

Press Release from ABC

People from across the world are invited to become sound artists at through the Sound Chamber, a unique project which combines an interactive website experience with a sound art installation.


The Sound Chamber has been commissioned by ABC-TV, ScreenWest and the Department of Culture and the Arts, WA, through the iArts initiative. This initiative facilitates the coming together of artists with digital producers to create an immersive, interactive cross platform work.

Underpinning the Sound Chamber project is a digital program developed by Perth sound artist Kynan Tan which converts movement into sound and colour. Sound Chamber itself consists of two key elements feeding into each other, an interactive dome installation and offers users an opportunity to become part of the project by uploading their own sounds to be used in the Sound Chamber dome installation.

Inside the dome the movement of people interacting within the environment is captured via a video camera and converted into sounds and colours to create a unique piece of sound art. A file of this art is then emailed back to the original sound contributor.

The website also enables users to have a 'Sound Chamber' experience at home by using a webcam to pick up their own movement and converting it to sound and vision on their computer.

Sound Chamber producer Yvette Coyne is hoping people are inventive with the way they chose to participate.

“We want people to upload many different types of sounds – vocals, a musical instrument, field recordings. This is the fun part and a chance for users to be creative in the sounds they wish to record, upload and ultimately see as sound art”

“Sound Chamber is for musicians and non-musicians alike, giving our audience a unique opportunity to connect, experiment and co-create sound art wherever they might be”,

Amanda Duthie, Head of ABC-TV Arts and Entertainment says, “This is only the beginning of the journey for Sound Chamber and we look forward to seeing the Dome travel all over Australia.”

To be part of the Sound Chamber visit 

A documentary about the Sound Chamber will feature on Art Nation will preview Sound Chamber on ABC1 @ 5pm and ABC2 @ 9.30pm on Sun 01 May. The Sound Chamber Dome will be located at Scitech, West Perth from April 20 to June 30, 2011.

Producers: Yvette Coyne and Amanda Morrison; Sound Artist: Kynan Tan; Digital Producer Dr Malcolm Riddoch.
ABC TV Head of Arts & Entertainment: Amanda Duthie; ABC TV Executive Producer: Kath Earle;
ABC TV Executive Producer Multi-platform: Stephanie Salter.