ABC iView’s New Feature

29 March, 2010 by IF

Press release from ABC Australia

Australia’s leading online catchup tv service, ABC iView, will introduce closed captioning on its service from Tuesday 30 March. The feature is designed to assist people by providing a text-based version of a program’s audio.


All ABC1 and ABC2 primetime shows that are available on iView will be offered with online captioning, with both live and pre-crafted captioning made available.

Users will be able to select whether or not they wish the captioning feature to appear on screen.

In February, more than 188 programs were offered via ABC iView and 2.954 million views of video/program files were recorded. ABC iView recorded 411,000 visitors for the month – the highest number of visitors to date – of which 57% of visitors visited once during the month and 43% visited more than once.

Top programs for February include The IT Crowd, Doctor Who, The Colbert Report, Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour and Silent Witness.