Press release from ABC TV

ABC TV has called for Australian production companies to pitch their concepts and ideas for new kids’ content. The call out comes as ABC TV prepares for the end of year launch of ABC3, the new digital channel for primary school kids, and an increase in the number of broadcast hours of ABCforKids pre-school content on ABC2.
Producers are invited to submit program concepts within the following categories:
1.      A live-action or mixed media program for 4 – 7 year old boys and girls – an unique, unusual, imaginative idea, that will cut through and make an impact in the schedule, and stand alongside the world’s best pre-school programming.
2.       A live action or animated drama and comedy for 8 – 12 year old boys – big, bold, brave ideas that offer our audience something different, that they might only find on ABC.

3.      A comedy/variety Show for 8 – 12 year old boys and girls –  fresh, original Australian concepts for comedy and/or variety shows that appeal directly to the target audience’s sense of humour and reflect their own experiences and interests.

4.       A game/quiz Show for 8 – 12 year old boys and girls – an original Australian concept, with challenges that inspire contestants to up the ante, either physically or mentally.   A format that builds real jeopardy, where the stakes are high and there are twists at every turn

Producers have until October 30 to submit their ideas, all of which must include a strong multi-platform element.
More details guidelines and information on how to submit concepts can be found at:

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