ABC2 gets down to the business of sex

16 November, 2015 by Press Release

In a world where more sex is being sold to more people on more devices than ever before, what’s the real price? And who’s really paying? It’s time to find out on ABC2’s 2$exy: The Business of Sex, screening from Sunday December 6 to Saturday December 12.

ABC2 spends a week looking at ‘the business of sex’, from sex work to porn to stripping to sex in gaming. Examining the sex industry both in Australia, and around the world, a range of documentaries look closely at the connection between sex and money, and the consequences for young relationships.


At the heart of the week will be a live discussion show Australians on Porn, made in collaboration with triple j’s Hack and Essential Media, and hosted by Tom Tilley. This program will unpack Australia’s love affair with porn and ask who’s really watching it, how often and what is it doing to our relationships.

We’ll also broadcast Revenge Porn (Australian premiere), a cautionary tale that investigates a rapidly growing phenomenon and the devastation that results when intimate photos are maliciously shared. We’ll revisit Louis Theroux: Twilight of the Porn Stars and Sabour Bradley’s Head First: The Porn Ultimatum.

The conflicting consequences of sex work are put under the spotlight with a range of films exploring the issues including Maddie Parry: Brothel Hostess (world premiere), A Very British Brothel (Australian premiere), Male Hookers Uncovered; Sexwork, Love and Mr Right, Nick Broomfield’s acclaimed Sex: My British Job, as well as Caro Meldrum Hanna’s profoundly moving Four Corners: Escorts on transgender sex workers.

Strippers looks at the growing number of women who are turning to lap dancing to make a living in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and both Websex: What’s the Harm and Sexters look at the impact of modern communication avenues to access sex. In a special episode the Good Game team investigate the role of sex in gaming.

ABC2 is again tackling an issue that has never been more relevant to young Australians and their relationships. It’s time to find out about the good, the bad and the downright dirty impact of porn on the psyche of everyday Australians, and the wider implications of a world addicted to the business of sex.








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