Adsend announces latest version of AdGate

31 October, 2011 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Adsend, Dubsat’s cloud-based display advertising, preflighting, colour management and delivery service, today announced the launch their latest version of AdGate – their workflow engine for advertising agencies and publishers wanting to integrate press advertising booking schedules to further automate production workflows.


Grant Schuetrumpf, CEO of Dubsat, an Omnilab Media company said, “This new release of AdGate includes highly effective ad management functionality further enabling many production tasks to be automated. It gives users the power to manage their entire ad process driving many production functions, by translating and using received booking instructions, automating workflows and reconciling ads throughout the business to business production steps against their respective media schedules. In other words, the new AdGate streamlines and automates display advertising communication between businesses within the print advertising supply chain.”

Once an ad booking is confirmed, the relevant booking instructions are associated with the publication’s mechanical and technical specifications held within Adsend’s database and presented back to the advertising agency production department. This collective information then initiates and drives the processes that control the way display advertising is created and delivered to the publishers by the agency. Ads received by the publisher are then relayed back to the advertising and media agencies, completing the entire production cycle, from booking to fulfillment.

Along with ad management functionality and centralised access to Adsend’s publications database, AdGate can now be used by publishers to aggregate all methods of receiving display advertising. This centralised management ensures publishers can benefit from a more streamlined and proactive process for received advertising confirmation to booking, improved quality control and production planning.

Schuetrumpf continued, “For a publisher, AdGate can manage and aggregate all received advertising irrespective of method or service. Whether you use Adsend, other 3rd party delivery services, your own portal, email, ftp or any combination of those, AdGate will accept all incoming advertising and manage those ads according to your automated workflow requirements.”

AdGate comes as a web server with its own database server, enabling media agencies, advertising agencies and publishers to deploy it as an enterprise environment and provide access to production staff via a simple web browser. It can also be used standalone or fully integrated with third party systems.

Schuetrumpf concluded, “AdGate has already been very well received by many advertising agencies and publishers around the world. Using AdGate really does make a difference and through simple integration into existing press production workflows, it can deliver significant time savings through greater efficiencies and innovation.”