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Melbourne-based digital cinema specialists Inspiration Studios are known for their professional workflow solutions from pre-production to on set expertise through to post production. With an extensive array of rental equipment already housed at their headquarters the company recently made the move to purchasing the ARRI ALEXA and ALEXA PLUS cameras and more from ARRI Australia.

Inspiration Studios’ self-confessed Problem Solver Cail Young explained why the company had moved to the ALEXA and how the cameras were having such a big impact, “For a boutique digital cinema rental house like us it's important to educate not only our clients but the general public – who may be clients one day – about new equipment options and also about our philosophy and personality. Bearing that in mind we now carry an ALEXA, ALEXA PLUS and a CMotion wireless control system with ARRI CLM-2 motors for the PLUS. Most of our clients are using the ALEXAs on TV commercials and we have also had them used on TV shows such as Woodley series one and the recent Laid second series shot by Katie Milwright.”

Inspiration Studios made the decision to carry the ALEXA range after seeing the cameras in action at NAB.

Young continued, “The choice was made to purchase the ALEXAs based on the hugely positive reaction I witnessed from cinematographers at NAB and the demo reel I saw at the same event. I’m happy to say that since then they have proved to be very good cameras that have exceeded my expectations immensely in terms of their ease of use and excellent imagery.”

Inspiration Studios is particularly well known for its work in features, television and TVCs and according to Young, having the right equipment is not only critical but expected. He added, “We bring our on-set, rentals and post experience to every shoot in order to help build a trustworthy solution. It is paramount that the equipment we have is the best available and with the ALEXAs we believe that is truly the case. The camera body is a vast improvement in terms of ergonomics and weight distribution over most of the other cameras we offer. It is also incredibly simple to operate which makes our training for new users very fast. Whether indoor or outdoor we haven’t had any problems and the kit has been very reliable. We constantly get feedback on how trouble-free the ALEXA shoots are and how good the images look in editorial. We recommend the ALEXA cameras to the majority of our clients as they have a great balance between image quality, post-production flexibility and cost.”

Young’s business partner is Inspiration Studios self-confessed Problem Creator Pete Wells who also believes the sales, service and support the company receives from ARRI Australia is a big factor in the ALEXA’s success locally. Wells said, “Stefan at ARRI Australia was very helpful both before and after the purchase of our ALEXA and ALEXA PLUS cameras. ARRI Australia have stood behind us for just about every issue we throw at them and Rey, their service engineer, is always happy to supply us with replacements for the little parts that inevitably break. This kind of service and support is a big plus for a busy company like ours.”

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