ASSG announces Award winners

18 November, 2013 by Staff Writer

The Australian Screen Sound Guild, supported by Sennheiser, yesterday announced the winners of the 2013 ASSG Awards at a lunchtime ceremony held at the Establishment Ballroom in Sydney. 

Hosted by the hilarious Rhys Muldoon, it is the second consecutive year the ASSG have held the ceremony on a Sunday, which has proved a popular choice with attendees. 


Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby was the favourite on the day, taking home four gongs in total, including the ASSG Member's Choice and Best Soundtrack of the Year. 

The Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award went this year to two recipients – the outstanding team of Gary Wilkins and Mark Wasiutak.

A full list of winners can be found below. 

Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award

Sponsored by Amber Technology

Jonathon Tooke (SAE)

Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo

Sponsored by Sound Devices 

A Day in Creative

Kathleen Burrows, Bruce Heald

Best Sound for Interactive Media

Sponsored by the SAFC

Catapult King

Daniel Visser, Shannon Trottman

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film

Sponsored by Sounds in Sync


Wayne Pashley, Libby Villa, Emma Mitchell, Ines Richter, Peter Purcell, John Simpson

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film

Sponsored by AFTRS


William Ward, Andy Wright, Ann Aucote, Diego Ruiz

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television

Sponsored by Rastorder

Tony Robinson’s Time Walks

Tristan Meredith, Clytie Meredith, Dale Cornelius

Best Film Sound Recording

Sponsored by Rycote

Dead Europe

Paul Finlay, Nicole Lazaroff, Szabolcs Gáspár

Best Film Sound Design

Sponsored by Fairlight

The Great Gatsby

Wayne Pashley, Derryn Pasquill, Jenny Ward, Fabian Sanjurjo, Mark Franken, Emma Mitchell, Damian Candusso, Rick Lisle, Damon Mouris, Andrew Miller, William Ward, Libby Villa, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Peter Smith, Sam Rogers, Tim Ryan, Craig Beckett, Jason Ruder


Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award

Gary Wilkins and Mark Wasiutak

ASSG Members’ Choice Award

Sponsored by CDA Pro:Audio

The Great Gatsby

Best Film Sound Mixing

Sponsored by StageOne Sound

The Great Gatsby

Steve Maslow, Phil Heywood, Wayne Pashley, Glenn Butler, Sam Hayward, Duncan D. Mcrae

Best Sound for a Television Drama Series

Sponsored by Lemac

Better Man

Scott Findlay, Keith Thomas, Livia Ruzic, Rainier Davenport, Gerry Long, Scott Heming

Best Sound for a Documentary

Sponsored by Sennheiser

Paul Kelly: Stories Of Me

Nick Batterham, Richard Boxhall, Adam Rhodes, Paul Charlier, Ian McLoughlin, Brooke Trezise, Andy Wright, Ben Travers, Chris Frith, Chris McCallum, Gregory Bye, Chris Boyd, Chris Thompson


Soundtrack Of The Year

Sponsored by Avid

The Great Gatsby