Audiences watch Crownies across multiple platforms

10 August, 2011 by IF

Press release from ABC

Crownies, ABC TV’s new 22 episode drama, is reaping the rewards of ABC TV’s multi-platform broadcasting where viewers can access the program when they want it, where they want it.


Viewers, in any week, can watch Crownies on TV on Thursday night at 8.30pm, catch up on iview, or watch the repeat on ABC2 the next day at 10.30pm.

The feature length premiere (episode 1 & 2) and episode 3 both attracted more than one million viewers each (including regionals) over both channels.

As well, many viewers have chosen to watch Crownies via ABC TV’s iview player and the website, making it one of the most popular ABC TV programs to be viewed this way.

“Crownies is the latest example of ABC TV viewers making their voice heard in the way they consume content. This is the way of the future – the days of just looking at the overnight figures as to whether a program is successful of not have long gone”, says ABC1 Controller Brendan Dahill.

• the feature-length episode (eps1 & 2) across both ABC1 and ABC2 including time-shifting and regionals, attracted a consolidated figure of 1,170,029. The 5 City Metro for ABC1 was 729,167 and for regionals, 264,323. On ABC2 the 5 City Metro was 124,124 and regionals was 52,415.

• episode 3 across both channels, including time-shifting and regionals attracted a consolidated figure of 1,042,773. The 5 City Metro for ABC1 was 639,459 and 262,258 in the regions. On ABC2 the 5 City Metro was 98,686 and regionals was 42,370.

• by Thursday August 4 – Crownies had recorded 122,000 plays via ABC iview and 24,000 plays via the website – a total of 146,000 plays.