A love story about two international students is set to become the first Bollywood film to include a reference to Australia in the title.

With a working title of With Love from Australia, the Pramod Films production will be filmed in Australia and either include the country's name or a mention of Sydney or Melbourne.

"This is one of the extremely rare opportunities where an Australian city is in the title of the film and intricately woven into the film's storyline," said Pramod Films spokesman, Anupam Sharma, in a statement. "It's a great marketing opportunity for Australia to reach a target audience of more than a billion people."

Established in 1962, Pramod Films was one of the first Bollywood production companies to shoot outside of India. After remaining dormant following the death of founder Pramod Chakravorty, With Love From Australia will mark the revival of the company. The film will be directed by Chakravorty's grandson Prateek Chakravorty.

"I have fond memories of Australia as an international student," said Chakravorty in a statement. "It is only fitting that Australia forms an integral part of my debut film particularly when it is the revival of my grandfather’s banner after a couple of decades.”

Negotiations are currently underway to finalise the film's title and location.

The movie will commence pre-production next month, with a seven week shoot to take place before Christmas in either New South Wales or Victoria. It is expected to employ 480 Australian cast and crew.

Bollywood is the most prolific film industry in the world, with more than 1000 films produced each year.