Australia turns to ABC for #libspill

15 September, 2015 by Press Release

Monday night’s leadership spill saw the ABC pull together resources across TV, radio, digital and international divisions to provide audiences with the most comprehensive coverage of events as they unfolded.

At a total network level, ABC TV reached 4.2 million metro viewers last night (between 6pm and midnight), with a primetime share of 23.3%.


ABC was the number one channel from 8.30pm onwards.

With continuous coverage of events in Canberra, there were 197,500 plays of the ABC News 24 live stream via the website and iview, the highest this year-to-date.

ABC News recorded its highest online traffic for the year-to-date (desktop and mobile), with 1.5 million visitors, 2.1 million visits and 5.8 million page views, each up more than 80% on the same time last week.

The ABC News Live Blog recorded 710,900 visits.

Australian expats abroad and regional audiences were also kept informed with ABC International providing rolling multilingual coverage across platforms including Australia Plus television, online and social media sites, Radio Australia, and numerous syndication media platforms across Asia and the Pacific.

ABC Radio highlighted its agility and strength, with robust coverage on ABC Local Radio, NewsRadio and RN. The Local Radio coverage was adapted to broadcast a single national evening’s program, with expert analysts and talkback callers around the country, giving the audience a strong sense of the national dialogue.

Managing Director Mark Scott said: “Last night the ABC again demonstrated why it is the country’s most trusted source of news, delivering our audiences rolling coverage of events in Canberra and expert analysis from our leading political minds.”

“On ABC television, ABC News 24, Local Radio and RN programs, along with up-to-the minute information on our news websites, the ABC was the key multi-platform destination for those audiences watching and listening to these dramatic events unfold.”

“It was a showcase of the ABC’s strengths and a clear display of the vital role played by the national broadcaster in our democracy.”

•ABC News traffic was at its highest for the year-to-date yesterday for the desktop site and mobile site, with 1.5 million visitors, 2.1 million visits and 5.8 million page views (each up 82% on the same day previous week). Average time on site was up 27% to 10 minutes and 52 seconds.
•The increase was predominantly from Australian visitors, up 77% from the previous Monday to 1.8 million. Internationally there was an increase of visitors from USA (111,000, up 71% week-on-week) and the UK (45,000, up 122% week-on-week).
•Traffic increased from 4pm when the spill announcement occurred and TV coverage began, and peaked from 9-10pm at 250,000 visits.
•Mobile phone traffic increased 105% and desktop traffic by 63% from the same day the previous week. 48% of traffic was from Mobile phones (36%) and Tablets (13%) yesterday.
•Social referrals were up 114% from the same day the previous week. Referring visits from Reddit were up 396%, Facebook up 110% and Twitter up 90%.
•ABC International coverage on Australia Plus and Radio Australia Facebook pages reached 157K users. The pages received 1.2K likes, 100 comments, and 100 shares on our posts over the course of the afternoon and evening, engaging approximately 4K users.

•Rolling coverage on ABC News 24 and ABC TV started with Malcolm Turnbull’s press conference at 4pm. The coverage was hosted out of Canberra and led by Chris Uhlmann and Greg Jennett with Sabra Lane and Antony Green.
•A special leadership edition of The Drum at 5.30pm was hosted by Julia Baird with panelists Annabel Crabb, SMH News Director Judith Whelan, former Labor Minister Craig Emerson and David Miles from Willard Public Affairs.
•From 7-8pm ABC TV broadcast the 7pm News and 7.30 while News 24 continued rolling coverage out of Canberra. The channels simulcast resumed from 8pm to 11.30pm (except in WA which broadcast rolling news).
•On 7.30, Leigh Sales was joined by Senator Mathias Cormann, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, Senator Cory Bernardi, plus Annabel Crabb in the studio.
•John Hewson joined the panel of Q&A which was broadcast live on ABC2, as was Media Watch.
•Lateline screened on ABC at 11pm. Emma Alberici was joined by respected press gallery members Laura Tingle, Samantha Maiden and Mark Kenny to share insights on the new Turnbull government and the future of Abbott.
•Australian Story and Four Corners will be rescheduled for a future date.

•At a total network level, ABC TV reached 4.2 million metro viewers last night (between 6pm and midnight) – up 30% on the 2015 daily average.
•ABC main channel reached 2.9 million metro viewers last night – up 27% on the 2015 daily average.
•ABC News 24 reached 1.1 million metro viewers last night – up 180% on the 2015 daily average.
•ABC TV narrowly missed the #1 network spot with total network primetime share of 23.3%, the second highest for 2015.
•At a TOTAL Network Level, TOTAL Seven won primetime (23.4%), followed by TOTAL ABC (23.3%).
•ABC main channel was in 3rd place across primetime last night (14.5%), behind Seven (17.3%) and Nine (16.2%).
•ABC main channel was #1 from 8.30pm onwards.
•ABC News 24 ranked 5th overall last night, recording its highest share for 2015 (5.2%).

Source: OzTAM overnight data and Webtrends








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