The Australian films and feature documentaries released this year are set to surpass $80 million in B.O. receipts next week, an all-time record in dollars.

Through last Sunday, the total including holdovers from previous years was $76.5 million, according to the MPDAA. 

As IF reported, the previous all-time box office record of $63.4 million set in 2001 was broken in early October.

Buoyed by exceptionally strong word of mouth, The Dressmaker collected $3.06 million in its second weekend, down a mere 3 per cent, boosting its earnings to $8.26 million.

Playing so broadly, Jocelyn Moorhouse’s film is unlikely to take a significant hit from Spectre, which opens on Thursday. The Universal release produced by Sue Maslin looks capable of reaching $20 million.

With such an upside for The Dressmaker and modest contributions from Oddball ($10.6 million after eight weekends) and Alex & Eve ($324,000 after three weekends), the calendar year total could go close to $90 million.

Produced by WTFN's Richard Keddie and Steve Kearney and directed by Stuart McDonald, Oddball is closing in on Happy Feet 2 ($10.69 million) on the list of biggest Australian grossers.

The MPDAA’s tally does not include Strangerland, which had a short theatrical release after its Sydney Film Festival premiere and grossed $100,000, according to Transmission.

Last month the market share of Australian films was running at about 6.8 per cent. In 2001 the market share was 7.8 per cent.

The all-time peak was 23.5 per cent in 1986, the year of Crocodile Dundee and Malcolm.

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  1. Means nothing when they count American films with American money as being Australian films. We need a real way to measure the success of ‘Australian’ productions.

  2. Great to hear the Dressmaker is doing well at the box office.It should it’s a very entertaining film and the performances are super! Big props to Sue and Jocelyn.
    On the flip side a Aussie thriller The Pack has been overlooked almost in every way. First time feature director Nick Robertson did an outstanding job with this material. DOP Benjamin Shirley’s work was in the running for the Gold ACS against Fury Road and The Water Diviner.
    No recognition. As you know every little bit helps and is appreciated.

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