Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2013 from Digistor

04 July, 2012 by IF

New Smoke for Mac 2013 is available for Pre-Release Trial. And from Digistor it's unbelievably affordable with systems starting from under $12,000 inc GST.

Don't wait. When you purchase an affordable Smoke for Mac 2012 system from Digistor today, your Autodesk Subscription included ensures you'll get the 2013 release as soon as it ships at no additional charge.
Create brilliant work today and even better work tomorrow.
Autodesk Smoke software is a leader in professional editorial finishing for high-quality commercial and broadcast projects combining intuitive editorial timeline navigation with advanced 3D finishing tools. Native support for industry-standard media formats and GPU-accelerated interactivity when compositing mean you can finish projects faster and deliver your best work, even against tight deadlines.
Be one of the first to try the revolutionary new Autodesk Smoke 2013. Experience for yourself how Smoke connects editing and visual effects like never before.