Beyond International Films project successful financial year

22 November, 2012 by Emily Blatchford

Beyond International Films have a slate of recurring television programmes and a strong international sales division to thank for what looks to be a promising financial year.

At their annual general meeting, held today, Beyond International Limited recorded that the company’s profits and revenues in the beginnings of the 2013 financial year have topped last year’s figures.


 This was largely attributed to the success of the television production segment (Beyond Productions) and the international sales division (Beyond Distribution).

The company stated both divisions experienced a strong four months of trading and went on to further project this positive weighting to stabilise over the next 12 months to June 30 2012.

The programmes mentioned as being of particular worth were Mythbusters, Deadly Women, Behind Mansion Walls, Rush TV and Toybox.

Also, Beyond Distribution had international sales success with acquired series Highway through Hell and in-house productions Mythbusters, Deadly Women, Monster Bug Wards and Dark Minds.

Another section of the company, Beyond Home Entertainment (BHE) was said to be trading in a challenging retail environment – however earnings before interest and tax for the first for the start of the financial year was close to budget.