Birds of Tokyo video shot exclusively on Sony F65 cameras

22 March, 2013 by IF

Press release 

Callan Green, one of Sydney’s busiest DOPs, recently finished shooting Lanterns a music video for Birds of Tokyo, one of Australia’s hottest bands, exclusively on the Sony flagship F65 4K camera.


Green who collaborated with Director Josh Logue specifically chose the F65 due to its picture quality and ease of workflow saying, “Josh and I wanted to shoot Lanterns anamorphically. As a Sony F65 owner operator I could make this happen cost effectively and still keep the look we wanted.”

Green and Logue scouted locations around Sydney settling on the Arts School in Darlinghurst for the main shooting day and several different locations across the city over the next three days for the video’s narrative.

Green continued, “We wanted to shoot in as much natural light as possible so the F65 was perfect as it handles all lighting scenarios so well, especially high and low key situations. Shooting anamorphic with the F65 is a dream as there is just so much resolution to play with, also the sensitivity of the sensor negates any stop loss due to the slower speeds of the older anamorphics. To help get the look we wanted I shot with a set of 1980’s Russian Lomo lenses. This combination of old glass and new camera technology contributed to our images being a little bit unusual and luring.”

Sony’s F65 has rapidly been growing in popularity since its launch with recent upgrades to the camera and developments to the workflow making shooting and post production simpler, easier and more efficient.

Callan Green added, “The F65 allowed us to shoot Lanterns wherever and whenever we wanted as it’s so good in every lighting situation that you could encounter. By using the internal ND filters we could shoot organically without using any additional bulky matte boxes. The 4K images really are incredible but that wasn’t the end of the story. The workflow is the icing on the cake. Whilst people are often reluctant to learn new things it really is worth the time to learn the Sony F65’s workflow if you haven’t already. Firstly it’s intuitive and doesn’t take long at all. For Lanterns I used a MacBook Pro and free downloadable copy of DaVinci Resolve Lite 9 to do all the transcoding, de-anamorphasising and cropping, which rendered out QuickTime Lite files at around 15-20 frames per second. Having shot many TVCs, promos and short films with the F65 I can honestly say it is an astonishingly good camera to work with.”

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