Bloodlands feature wins Screen Australia completion funding

14 December, 2015 by Brian Karlovsky

Screen Australia has awarded completion funding to writer/director Steven Kastrissios’ new film, Bloodlands. 

The supernatural-thriller was shot in the outskirts of Albania’s capital, Tirana, and marks the first horror film made in the country.


Kastrissios said the team went there chasing the idea of an Albanian Brothers Grimm.

"The story taps into the real phenomenon of blood-feuds that are still occurring in parts of the region and explores it through the lens of a horror fable," he said.

“it was a completely unexpected place to set my next film, but I embraced the opportunity once I was confident we’d stumbled onto something unique beyond just an alluring setting”.

Albanian-Australian producer Dritan Arbana said film captured the strange beauty of the country.

"Now with Screen Australia’s support, we can complete the film with the polish we’ve been hoping for," he said.

Bloodlands is the follow-up to Kastrissios’ 2009 debut film, The Horseman.

The filmmakers are completing post-production in Sydney with hopes of an international festival run in 2016.