Burning Man ignites Sydney

19 May, 2010 by IF

By Emma Brown

Jonathan Teplitzky's emotional thriller Burning Man is currently being shot on location in Sydney.


The story is about Tom (Matthew Goode), a misbehaving chef with a chic Bondi restaurant, who is surrounded by women who are trying to help him put his life back together.

“We’ve just started our second week, so far it’s been quite an extraordinarily efficient operation, especially due to the small preparation with a director who really knows what he wants,” the film's producer Andy Paterson (Girl with A Pearl Earring) said.

Teplitzky, who previously directed Better Than Sex and Gettin' Square, describes Burning Man as a sexy, irreverent and ultimately tear-jerkingly story of a father and son's journey back to happiness.

Paterson was handed Teplitzky's script two-and-a-half years ago, which was developed through Screen NSW's Aurora program.

“I thought what an extraordinary piece of writing, there’s a god to put this in my hands.”

Paterson said that from the beginning they have aimed at international audiences. The film has already sold to a couple of territories.

“We wanted the character to be an outsider, an Englishmen to work as a chef in Sydney," he said. "This is nothing out of the ordinary in Australia, but this will help give an international flavour."

The 40-day shoot on 35mm film will be mostly shot on location with only one set built for the chef’s chic Bondi restaurant. Other locations include national parks and suburbs such as Mona Vale, Ryde and Bondi.

“As an outsider I wanted them to not take the city for granted with the water and the harbour, however there will be no standard shots with water views.

“The audience will get a feel for what a beautiful place Sydney is. The beauty of the city fights against the character and what he’s going through.”

New York-based Filmbox are handling international sales. Transmission Films and Paramount have Australia and New Zealand distribution rights. Screen Australia is the principal investor, with backing from Standard Chartered Bank.

The producers are planning to release the film in Australia in April next year.