The full trailer has been released for Scare Campaign, the upcoming horror film from writer-directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes (100 Bloody Acres) and producer Julie Ryan (Red Dog).

Scare Campaign stars Olivia DeJonge, Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows and Josh Quong Tart, and recently won Best Film and Best Direction at Melbourne's Monster Fest.  

The film will be released in late March through an event-style cinema release, after themed preview screenings this month and next. 

These include "anti-Valentine" showings at Dendy Newtown and Dendy Canberra, and a special screening at Beechworth Lunatic Aslyum, the abandoned facility where the film was shot.

"We’re really looking forward to hitting the road with these special event screenings” said co-director Colin Cairnes. 

“Watching the film with a raucous sell-out crowd at Monster Fest reminded us why we got into this caper in the first place. This is about getting a large group of people together in a darkened room and making them scream, wince and laugh!”.

Producer Ryan, who co-produced 100 Bloody Acres, said: “Feedback from Scare Campaign's first public screening was overwhelmingly positive and I’m sure our fan-base will be both surprised and entertained by it". 

"It’s a great date film. Our distributor Bonsai Films has come up with a unique theatrical release plan which targets our fans directly and will keep the film in the public eye until the lead up to the home entertainment release by Madman in the second half of this year".


Dendy Cinemas, Newtown – 14th February (anti-Valentines showing)

Dendy Cinemas, Canberra – 14th February (anti-Valentines showing)

Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, Beechworth – 12th March 

Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide – 17th March 

Gold Coast Film Festival, Gold Coast – early April

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