Sydney Film Festival President Virginia Gordon has announced the appointment of a new CEO for the festival, Mark Sarfaty, following the resignation of general manager Fiona Cameron, who resigned to take up the position of executive director (Strategy and Operations) at Screen Australia.
“Although we are sorry that Fiona Cameron was only able to stay for such a short period, we also look forward to continuing a relationship with her in her new role and thank her for her contribution to the recent festival.
“We are delighted that Mark has made himself available for this position and the board unanimously feels that this appointment is in the best interests of the festival”, Virginia Gordon said.
Sydney Film Festival, directed by Clare Stewart, has just finished its 55th edition including the highly successful launch of the inaugural Sydney Film Prize, awarded to Steve McQueen’s Hunger from a field of 12 ‘in competition’ films.  Sydney Film Festival boasts the only FIAPF-accredited competition in Australia and saw a host of international filmmakers treading the red carpet in support of their films.
Virginia Gordon said, “With Mark Sarfaty’s ability the board feels very comfortable that the festival is in an excellent position to move forward and capitalise on the positives that the competition has given us.  The combination of Clare Stewart and Mark in the key organisational roles is one that augers well for our future and we look forward to achieving even greater success in delivering the people of Sydney the film festival that they want and deserve.

“Of course Mark’s credentials for the new role are impeccable with his position as Head of Dendy Cinemas during the dynamic national expansion he oversaw, combined with an extensive background in film production, a demonstrated capacity to lead a large organisation, seven years experience in a public company environment and his ongoing leadership role in the Australian film industry”.

“He has a deep appreciation of SFF from his engagement with the festival as a board director for the past 3 years and his position as Co-President in 2006 and 2007.”

Subsequent to accepting the CEO position at the festival, Sarfaty resigned as a board director.  He will retain his part-time position as Executive Director of the Independent Cinemas Association of Australia. 

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