Cash, moral support swell for Bloody UnAustralian

29 June, 2014 by Don Groves

Filmmaker Eva Orner’s crowd-funding campaign for her theatrical documentary on the Australian government’s treatment of asylum seekers is attracting plenty of donors and the support of high-profile identities.

The Los Angeles–based director/producer’s Indiegogo campaign initially set out to raise $200,000 for the docu entitled Bloody UnAustralian.


She had already secured significant private investment in Australia. So far nearly $65,000 has been pledged on Indiegogo and the target has been reduced to $80,000; the campaign closes on July 10.

“There is a pretty awesome reason. The press I have been doing has generated a lot of interest in the film and a few, new, large investors have come on board,” she said on the film’s Facebook page.

“The good folks at Indiegogo were kind enough to let us factor this into our campaign. I'm packing up my life in LA over the next weeks and heading home to start the film.”

She plans to shoot in Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Australia and- if she gains access- detention centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

Robert Connolly has agreed to serve as executive producer and to distribute the docu in Australia cinemas via his company CinemaPlus.

“There are currently 43 million refugees in the world,” she says. “Australia accepts 0.2% . Per capita, we rank 68th in the world. We are clearly not doing our share.

‘’While the issue is reported in the news in Australia, it gets a little coverage internationally and [while] people are protesting against the harsh policies, most people I come across are blissfully unaware of what is going on, and can't quite believe it when I tell them.

“I don't kid myself and claim documentaries can change the world. What they can do is bring awareness to an issue and certainly bring more international attention to this dire situation."

Orner, who won an Academy Award and an Emmy for producing Taxi to the Dark Side, a critical look at the Bush administration's torture policies post 9/11, has been surprised and gratified at the support she’s been getting on social media.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser Tweeted, “Crowd-fund a new film from Academy Award winner @evaorner about#asylumseekers in Australia. @BloodyUnAustralian.”

Rove McManus Tweeted, “My friend @evaorner is making a documentary on #asylumseekers in Australia. If you'd like to donate, go to:"

Shane Jacobson ‏said, "Please support my mate and Academy Award winner Eva Orner's exciting new documentary Bloody UnAustralian."

Fellow actor Lachy Hulme posted a link to the Indiegogo page with the comment, "Oscar-winning filmmaker Eva Orner @evaorner is also a Melbourne girl — and yes, I've pashed her."

Orner is a big fan of Lachy's but she doesn't remember that pash.